An open-source, multipurpose macOS utility for checkm8-vulnerable iOS/iPadOS devices

By @moski_dev

Use Ramiel to tether boot your checkm8-vulnerable iOS/iPadOS devices. Ramiel supports booting iOS 7 > 14, along with
support for booting dualbooted devices into their second OS (via Divisé).

Ramiel has many features including an SHSH dumper via an SSH ramdisk, the ability to apply kernel patches for AMFI and/or
AMSD/ASBS, support for custom bootlogos, an APNonce (generator) setter and many more useful features!

Ramiel is completely open source, feel free to create pull requests to fix bugs or add features! Do be careful if you
choose to use a 3rd party copy of Ramiel as the safety of those copies will not be verified. To be safe, ensure you only download Ramiel from this site or Ramiel's GitHub page!

Version 1.1.0 - Download

Ramiel_1.1.0.dmg sha256: 17a37e3a88cdcc3a82855b6442e87c500f1ed27f99d684b7b1c28302f824189b

Ramiel binary sha256: da5d8090a7e0a9c13e7de80450bd8d34701db7fa02a77ae8d727f60f30992941

v1.1.0 Changelog

Store firmware keys locally instead of scraping theiphonewiki every time

Add ability to backup all firmware keys for a device from theiphonewiki

Add support for iOS 7/8/9

Add support for iOS 14.5 and up (Huge thank you to Dayton!)

Fix potential issues with SSH Ramdisk

Many other bug fixes + optimizations

Version 1.0.4 - Download

Ramiel_1.0.4.dmg sha256: 09ead2840653434165ec11ed5a6d59aded3373942bfe9e6ca20f42dfb02a0413

Ramiel binary sha256: ff02c91b056f3a0ad57dc708f5909a7f85b8fc5be5f988b0ecadd25260bb0357

v1.0.4 Changelog

Fix Ramiel crashing on launch on systems that didn't have openssl installed with Brew

Version 1.0.3 - Download

Ramiel_1.0.3.dmg sha256: e4365c69c5aceb53fd3ca649026212ecd6394dcb10d6f23d0677924593a3c124

Ramiel binary sha256: 044b52cfab11e5c964a8022e6209b9a0d1cd7df29ec7b63c631bd0a1d41004b2

v1.0.3 Changelog

Remove libimobiledevice dependency

Fix SHSH dumping/SSH ramdisk booting

Add better error handling when attempting to fetch firmware keys

Update issues link to include default formatting

Version 1.0.2 - Download

Ramiel_1.0.2.dmg sha256: 735b2f637d94affdfa2c57f914a2ae77362a9665e5d2dfd0e420de3e313cdcd3

Ramiel binary sha256: 76474a1c6b5f9b36e27d834ba10ff51a2ff8b462e8350e64d681d62d16a2d1a0

v1.0.2 Changelog

Adds ability to check for updates to Ramiel on launch

Add timeout checks for when checkm8 hangs infinitely when exploiting a device (Also for Big Sur 11.3 where checkm8 is broken)

Version 1.0.1 - Download

Ramiel_1.0.1.dmg sha256: 38a2646dccb0023405d9158e684298145ec2509673b7a554d0c27231435e11e4

Ramiel binary sha256: b5b8e954d56384d3b9c5dcb4d8cd8b149b2176251e0597e7b1e98f6d8182ccae

v1.0.1 Changelog

Prevent setup window showing on each launch

Fix Big Sur Brew binary checks (Thanks @ConsoleLogLuke!)

Version 1.0.0 - Download

Ramiel_1.0.0.dmg sha256: ad52f7540811f005f3fd643560dc747e5f7524bf4d2005d450a5e3d59228705e

Ramiel binary sha256: 9870a820157e010aa758d728d81985be7029b54cc5fd07309f1751d1b65eaa7c

v1.0.0 Changelog

Initial release

What is Ramiel?

See above.

Can I use Ramiel on Windows/Linux/Other OS's?

No, and support for any OS other then macOS will never happen sorry.

When I open Ramiel I get a message about the app being "damaged".

Open Terminal, and run "xattr -cr /Applications/Ramiel.app" then try again. You may have to right click the app and pick "Open" for it to open properly after doing this.

What devices are supported by Ramiel?

Any checkm8 compatible device, so iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches with A7, A8(X), A9(X), A10(X) and A11 CPUs will work with Ramiel.

Can I boot into a dualbooted devices second OS with Ramiel?

Yes, Ramiel allows for the booting of dualbooted devices, even multibooted devices.

Can I use Ramiel with 32-Bit iOS devices/pre-iOS 10 firmwares?

You can use Ramiel on iOS 7/8/9 as of version 1.1.0! These firmwares are fully supported by Ramiel, however 32-Bit Devices are still not supported and will not be.

Does Ramiel allow me to untether my tethered dualboot/downgrade?

No, it never will.

Everytime I try to boot iOS 13.x (dualboot) with a 14.x main it just hangs on the Apple logo?

This is normal, 14.x main with 13.x second OS's take an extremely long time to boot, sometimes up to 10-15 minutes. Just be patient!

Where can I find Ramiel's source code?

You can find that here






Me (Ramiel)


axi0mX (checkm8/ipwndfu)


xerub (img4lib)


tihmstar (img4tool)


Dayt0n (kairos)


libimobiledevice Team (libirecovery)


Linus Henze (Fugu)


realnp (ibootim)


Dora (iPwnder32)


0x7ff (eclipsa)


akayn (A11 ipwndfu patches)


mcg29_ (AMFI kernel patching compare script)


Ralph0045 (Kernel64Patcher)


exploit3d (AppleMesaSEPDriver Patches/Automation)


NotHereForTheDong (AppleMesaSEPDriver Patch)


rA9 (Tester for Ramiel)